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Acumina was established in 2007 to provide educational materials that are engaging and interesting, and that enhance both learning and teaching.

Since then, however, the company has grown significantly.

Our original focus on mathematics has expanded to include science and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

We have also extended the scope of our portfolio utilising the combined strengths of the two directors, Lesley Ravenscroft and Denise Campbell.

Education is still a key priority, but so too are our services relating to children and families.

What all our services share, however, is our passion for quality, not just of outcomes, but also of the way in which we work.

What drives us is a commitment to the end-user of all we produce, and to the people with whom we work.

Who We Are

  Acumina works in a flexible, responsive way, involving a wide range of much-valued Associates to support the two Directors of the company, Lesley Ravenscroft and Denise Campbell.     Lesley provides the education...

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Our Values

The directors of Acumina, Lesley Ravenscroft and Denise Campbell, both worked for many years in large companies, with complex structures and (often) bureaucratic pressures. In setting up Acumina, they were determined...

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