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Acumina enjoys a well-earned national and international reputation for the exceptional quality and innovation of educational materials it produces for both children and adults.

Our main focus is on the creation of curriculum and assessment materials that encourage the development of real learning, not just the pupil’s ability to repeat by rote.

At the core of Acumina’s expertise lies mathematics: we are acknowledged as national leaders, particularly in the area of mathematical assessment. However, increasingly Acumina is spreading its wings and we now include the development of curriculum as well as assessment materials. And we also now have a very strong team of Associates working in the areas of science, technology and engineering.

We proactively promote a highly inclusive approach that holds the learner at the centre of everything we do.


Our exceptional team of writers has a proven track record for the development of creative and accessible curriculum materials, for UK and international markets.

As with everything we do, we pride ourselves on ensuring our curriculum materials promote the highest quality of teaching, with our trademark emphasis on learning for understanding.


Our portfolio covers the full range of assessment development, from national tests at key stage 2 and 3, and international assessments for the most able students (maths and science), through to functional skills tests for adults. Our specialism is in developing items and tests that assess real understanding, using highly creative items that engage and challenge both learner and teacher.

What we offer

The development of the full range of curriculum and assessment materials for mathematics, science and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).

Company portfolio - education

    Acumina is known within the UK and internationally, for the breadth and depth of its experience in developing high quality, creative curriculum and assessment materials.     Included in our development portfolio are:-   Writing 2013 national tests in mathematics (England), key stage 2, levels 3 - 5 and level...

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What we offer - assessment

    Acumina passionately believes in the development of assessment materials that encourage the pupil/student as a ‘thinker’. We pride ourselves on producing materials that are creative, innovative and engaging – all critical to assessing real learning rather than rote, and to making sure the pupil approaches assessment...

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