Company Portfolio - Children’s services

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The full range of training and consultancy services relating to work with children and families, with a particular area of expertise in working with challenging (and challenged) young people, youth justice, restorative justice, dealing with conflict, and work with parents and families.



Company portfolio – children’s services:-

Included in our portfolio (Acumina and Denise Campbell) relating to work with children’s services are:-


Taking on the role of Practice Development Manager with the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales

            and the Prison Service, developing training materials and managing a training team.

The focus was on facilitating and encouraging the implementation of evidence-based practice designed to

            enhance rehabilitation and reduce recidivism of young people

            (Youth Justice Board for England and Wales, Prison Service, 2006-9).

Writing of the national training programme for the 10,000 volunteers working with youth offending teams

            in England and Wales (Youth Justice Board, 2008)

Tutor for the Certificate in Effective Practice (Youth Justice) with the Universities of Nottingham Trent,

            Sheffield Hallam and Portsmouth (2005-8)

Development and delivery of a wide range of training programmes for youth offending teams, and

            other children’s services, including managing risk, dealing with conflict, engaging the difficult to engage,

            communications, restorative justice – whole team and cross team (2005 – now)

Development and delivery of training and consultancy services relating to Restorative Justice and

            Approaches (2004 – now)

Consultancy on a range of issues relating to children’s services, including ISSP, restorative justice, work with

            parents and effective practice (2004 – now)

Work with parents



As with everything we do, we are more than happy to discuss any service required, including writing, training and consultancy. This is an expanding aspect of the company’s portfolio and we are well equipped to meet most challenges!

We also offer a wide range of services relating to areas other than children’s services.


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Company Portfolio - Children’s services

  The full range of training and consultancy services relating to work with children and families,...

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