Training and Consultancy

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This is a key strength of Acumina.


Both Directors and our key Associates are all highly experienced communicators, and have a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to share on all our key product areas.


Denise Campbell, Director, is a highly regarded, exceptionally experienced trainer and training manager, and can undertake all activities relating to training and communication, including training needs analyses, development of materials and delivery.


Our passion for the areas in which we operate shines through in all we do. Our materials are always creative and evidence-based, and our methods of engagement focused, enabling and highly accessible.


We are also exceptionally well equipped to provide analyses of practice, be that teaching, assessment or work with parents, children and families. Our reports are always well-received and praised for their insightfulness, lack of confusing jargon, and depth.



Details of specific training and consultancy opportunities can be found in our sections on:-



Work with children’s services

Work with parents



Whatever your needs, contact us for further information.