What we offer - curriculum

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High quality curriculum materials promote high quality teaching and learning.

The outstanding depth of expertise and experience provided by our team enables us to develop materials that are creative, clear and accessible, and that engage both teacher and student.

We understand the importance of national curricula and of materials that encourage real understanding, not just learning through repetition. We also use a wide range of real-life contexts, enhancing students’ abilities to apply their learning beyond the classroom.


We can provide curriculum materials for:-


Pupils aged 5 – 18 (UK)

Functional skills for adults

International curricula, for any or all age groups

Specific groups of students (for example, gifted and talented)

Cross-curricular learning (for example the STEM agenda)



Our specialism is in mathematics and science. However, through collaborating with our equally experienced and well-respected partner organisations, we are able to offer curriculum materials across the full span of learning.