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Welcome to Acumina

A dynamic, highly creative company that offers exceptional quality in the design, development and delivery of services in two key areas.

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Education: curriculum and assessment

Acumina is highly skilled and experienced in the development of curriculum and assessment materials – for students of all ages, and for adults.

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Work with and for parents

Work with parents is increasingly acknowledged  as crucial in achieving positive outcomes for children. Building on extensive experience and knowledge, Acumina offers services that promote effective and evidence-based practice.

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Work with children’s services

We work with your organisation to maximise effectiveness of your teams, whether that is in a school, children’s service or youth offending team.

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Training and consultancy

Our extensive skills and experience enable us to develop and provide up to the minute professional advice and training.

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What do people think of us?

Read some comments made by clients and service users.

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Acumina offers a wide range of highly creative and dynamic services relating to:

►  Education – curriculum and assessment development, both national and international

►  Work with children, parents and families – training and consultancy

We are a small company that has big ambitions, not just for ourselves, but, more importantly, for learners, children and families too.